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Monday, April 20, 2009

This is an excerpt from an email from Meilin Chin (forwarded from the Young  Adult and Campus Ministries office).  Contact information below:

[I am working with] a new development to bring together Western churches and mission agencies with the educational needs in China . It is a project to train 200,000 English teachers in the Western regions of China. It will link Americans – who have an interest and heart for China – in a partnership program with educators and officials, schools and universities (including the highly esteemed Peking University), municipal and provincial education bureaus, and Christian groups and churches in China.

The goal of the program is to teach English language skills to elementary and middle school teachers throughout Western China who will then return to teach English language in their own classrooms and communities.  Beyond language skills, the program seeks to play a helpful role in enhancing the community development in poor areas, and stimulating progress of China ’s overall educational system.  Called the “Total Immersion Program”, or TIP, the program has been receiving a warm response by English teachers in China, and excellent reviews by local and provincial educational departments, as well as the State Bureau of Foreign Experts of China.

The need and opportunity is significant and exciting . . . .  Overall, 100 American teachers are needed to begin teaching in Beijing , August 2009.  Interested persons need to have a bachelor’s degree (no teaching experience is required for the one-year teaching program).  International travel expenses will be covered as well as housing.  A stipend that is quite adequate to cover all living expenses in China will also be provided.  Further, during this one-year teaching service, American teachers will be given a scholarship to become conversant in the Chinese language.  Moreover, they will have an opportunity to share their heart – and to be a good witness of the Christian faith.  To the Chinese people this is a very important need.  Teachers are also needed for one-month or short-term positions.  They are asked to cover their own expenses.

The Director of this program is my friend, Dr. Danny Yu , who is the President of ESEC and Founder of the TIP educational approach.  Dr. Yu has devoted much of his adult life to the development of friendly relations between China and the U.S.   He was closely involved in the recent China Bible Ministry Exhibitions in Hong Kong and the U.S. , to help build bridges between Christians on both sides.  For the past two years he has worked in Beijing to develop relationships between Peking University and government agencies so that elementary and middle school English teachers, mainly from impoverished communities, are provided excellent opportunities to develop their English language teaching capabilities.

I would like to recommend this program to you, and to ask for your prayers.  I would like to invite you to mobilize Christians at your church or your organization – perhaps even a team of ten or more who would like to combine their talents and call to China ministry.  As mentioned, the costs will be covered and assistance will be provided in terms of arranging travel visas to China .

Please email me or call me with further questions.
My cell phone is 1-626-283-1315 or 1-818-817-1848        .
Email address: meilincml@yahoo.com.cn

Sincerely yours!

Meilin Chen

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