Blog Archive: October 2007

Pardon Our Dust

We’re gradually importing posts from our old website. Roughly ⅓ of the blog is here so far.

Monday, October 1

Interfaith Iftar

Wow! We had at least 100 people show up for tonight’s Iftar. The Interfaith Dialogue folks did a wonderful job making a huge amount of food (supplemented by Cedars’ usual delicious fare), setting it up, and making sure things went really smoothly. The energy was very positive and people seemed to be having a good time.

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Thursday, October 4

A Wednesday at Brent House

This past Wednesday morning was pretty quiet, and I was able to get some desk work done. Around noon, however, I wandered downstairs thinking I needed to set up for Afternoon Tea, and there was Emily, already getting the coffee made. The rest of the afternoon was a steady flow of people coming in, chatting, eating a bit, studying. By the time I left in the late afternoon to run errands, Charlie & Maggy were going through the food cupboard, tossing what was too old to use, detecting what some mystery jars held (including a Tanqueray bottle that certainly did not contain gin -- but that’s another post), listing what staples we needed to have on hand for our Sunday night cooks.

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