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Friday, March 16, 2007

Here’s a newsflash about coverage of the U2charists, plus a quote from Bono and the kinds of money these events are raising for anti-poverty efforts. “Joy is a Eucharist with a dance floor,” indeed:

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Dear U2charist Friends, and other Family,

This week the U2 Eucharist will feature in People Magazine. It will be the People with Sandra Bullock on the cover (for which we can be grateful… ) and seems to be on grocery store shelves today, and convenience store shelves on Tuesday.

The journalist, Bethany Lye, spent the entire Sunday morning at St. George’s, starting at 7:30, to get the full picture of our church and faith community, and came down with us to bring the service to St. John’s in Beverly Farms. I’ve not seen the article yet, but have hopes that she (and her editors!) got the story right: that this is about spreading the Good News of Christ, and his call to us in the Millennium Development Goals . . . .

The article may have our very first quote from Bono on our collective efforts in this service. I saw the quote on Bethany’s Palm Pilot. What he said was something along the lines of, “Really? They’re using our songs in church! Well that’s great, so long as they hold onto the message.”

And holding onto the Message, while passing the Message on-- it’s what we’re all about.

Our latest U2charist data (adding in the last couple of weeks), brings attendance around the world to over 9000, the offering close to $67 000. And, amazingly, our U2charist friends --churches who have contacted me for information--total more than 500!

Thank you to all of you for this ministry as members of the Body of Christ for whom Joy is a Eucharist with a dance floor!

Love and Peace,