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Wednesday, February 14
Discerning Baptism

We did a formal “Admission of Catechumens” this past Sunday for Laura, who plans to be baptized at the Easter Vigil this year. It is such a privilege to accompany these journeys: she is so excited about her relationship with Jesus and excited about making the sacramental commitment to Him and to the community of faith. We had to rework the liturgy a bit for Beverly, since she is still discerning whether baptism is a commitment she can, in good conscience, make, which made me reflect pretty deeply on the words I often say so lightly in these services.

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Wednesday, March 7
The U2charist was a hit!

There were some who doubted, but 120 people came to Brent House’s first U2charist on Monday, March 3rd. Corey Nelson preached a great sermon, we raised $686 and, of course, the music was great! It was followed by a wonderful dinner from Cedars.

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Friday, March 16
More About U2charists

Here’s a newsflash about coverage of the U2charists, plus a quote from Bono and the kinds of money these events are raising for anti-poverty efforts. “Joy is a Eucharist with a dance floor,” indeed:

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Monday, March 26
There is such a thing as a free brunch!

The the last Sunday of every quarter we make a field trip to a local parish: one, we like to experience the broad range of worship found in the Diocese of Chicago; two, it’s a great excuse to have brunch together; and three, everyone gets back early enough to dive into the final rush of finals week.

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Sunday, April 8
Alleluia, Christ is Risen!

The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia!

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Monday, May 14
Bishop Associate's Luncheon

This past Thursday, Stacy, Nina and Mary attended the Bishop’s Associates luncheon with Brent House board member Cathe McEnerney and Liz Stedman, our Episcopal chaplain at Northwestern. It was a lovely event, with a focus on campus ministry--a ministry that has received great support from Bishop Persell. Cathe did a wonderful overview of the campus ministries in the Diocese, including the new projects in the South Loop and St. Augustine College and Nina rocked with her words about why campus ministry is important--and why folks should make generous donations to support it. Thanks, Bishop’s Associates, and special thanks to Cathe for all her work (despite being deathly ill) to make it happen. (We offered special prayers for Bishop Persell who had been in the hospital that morning.)

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Wednesday, May 23

Ben Varnum, a first year student at the Div School, preached this (his first sermon!) at our Ascension Day Eucharist at Bond Chapel:

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Friday, July 6
Looking Back Over the Past Year

The peer ministers and I met in June to reflect on the past year and to dream about next year. We were amazed by all that had happened. Here’s what we came up with, in no particular order:

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Sunday, September 30
A Banner for Brent House

If I’d known how easy it was, I would have done it sooner, but in any case Brent House finally has a shiny new vinyl banner hanging out front. I was tired of hearing that people couldn’t find us, or that they simply didn’t know we were here.

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Monday, October 1
Interfaith Iftar

Wow! We had at least 100 people show up for tonight’s Iftar. The Interfaith Dialogue folks did a wonderful job making a huge amount of food (supplemented by Cedars’ usual delicious fare), setting it up, and making sure things went really smoothly. The energy was very positive and people seemed to be having a good time.

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Thursday, October 4
A Wednesday at Brent House

This past Wednesday morning was pretty quiet, and I was able to get some desk work done. Around noon, however, I wandered downstairs thinking I needed to set up for Afternoon Tea, and there was Emily, already getting the coffee made. The rest of the afternoon was a steady flow of people coming in, chatting, eating a bit, studying. By the time I left in the late afternoon to run errands, Charlie & Maggy were going through the food cupboard, tossing what was too old to use, detecting what some mystery jars held (including a Tanqueray bottle that certainly did not contain gin -- but that’s another post), listing what staples we needed to have on hand for our Sunday night cooks.

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Monday, November 26
Hail Thee, Festival Day (Convention Version)

We had many requests for the version of Hail Thee, Festival Day that was written especially for the Bishop election by our campus ministry representatives:

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Tuesday, December 4
Sermon by Laura Eberly, November 18, 2007

I was a little worried writing this sermon, because the first line of the gospel to jump out at me was, “This will give you an opportunity to testify. So make up your minds not to prepare your defense in advance.”

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