Brent House has an active ministry with undergraduates, graduate students, and other University community members, with the house itself being an integral part of that ministry, providing a safe, welcoming and nourishing place for meetings, prayer and worship, studying and community. We have a community of seven residents who help to support our programming and hospitality.

The resident community

  • Shares a meal with other residents twice a month
  • Shares prayer with other residents twice a month
  • Actively supports the hospitality of Brent House
  • Participates with other residents in outreach and ministry activities with the graduate student community

Residents need not be Episcopalian or necessarily Christian, but they do need to be comfortable living in and working with a ministry that is explicitly both.

The resident facilities include a spacious single room with ample closet space and a discreet vanity sink within the room. Baths are shared with 1-3 others and guests. All utilities except telephone service are included in the monthly rent; each room is wired for its own telephone line and each resident is responsible for arranging for telephone service. Wireless internet is available throughout the house. Solid-state ceiling fans and cross ventilation in each room ensure comfort in all except the most extreme heat; for a modest monthly utilities charge, residents are allowed to use their own air-conditioners. An additional storage area in the attic is designated for each resident’s use and bike storage is allowed in the basement. Kitchen privileges, including cupboard storage and refrigerator space, are extended to residents. The living room is equipped with a television and VCR, and lounge areas in the basement and on the fourth floor provide temporary space for quiet study or relaxation when the main floor of the house is in use for programs. Rents are competitive and comparable to similar facilities in the neighborhood

For more information about the resident community, contact our chaplain, the Rev. Stacy Alan.

Residents 2015-2016

In addition to our House Managers, there are five other Brent House residents this year:

Laura Christianson, Medicine, University of Chicago
Arthur Clement, MAPPS, University of Chicago
Kenji Kuramitsu, 1st year MDiv, McCormick Theological Seminary
Tyler Spellious, 2nd year MDiv, Chicago Theological Seminary
Sunil Yadov, MDiv, University of Chicago