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State of the Chaplaincy 2017: “It is God who gives the growth”

“I heard conversations at Brent House that resembled those I was having in UChicago classrooms—passionate, knowledgeable, and conscious of the realities in which we lived.” Continue reading

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Sermon for Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday, April 9, 2017

It’s hard, not just because, as human beings, we are supposed to feel compassion. It’s hard because I, like the disciples, have already made a commitment. I already told Jesus I’d follow him. At this point neutrality and ignorance and apathy are not options. Jesus has already told me that he is to be found in those who suffer. But all I can do is close my eyes. Continue reading

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Presiding Bishop Michael Curry: Statement in support of the advocacy of the people of Standing Rock Sioux Reservation

A word from our Presiding  Bishop about the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation:

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Sermon by the Rev. Stacy Alan at Rockefeller Chapel, July 31, 2016

The suffering of the world will have made its way under the surface, like ice in a Chicago street, and with first storm, the tiny cracks in our heart will open into a giant pothole, and I will fear falling in and being lost forever. Continue reading

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Sermon for the Ordination of Nadia Stefko to the Diaconate

The deacon, though also ordained by the Church and bearing its authority, is meant to stand at the edges: the edges of the church, the edges of society, the edges of the abysses of human evil. Without the shield of sacramental authority, bearing the naked moral authority that Jesus wielded, deacons call us to look to the edges, to look deep into the abysses . . . Continue reading

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